2023 XRP Futures Open Interest Hits Record High

2023 XRP Futures Open Interest Hits Record High

The Surging Open Interest on XRP-Tracked Futures Signals Growing Confidence in the Blockchain Industry

The blockchain industry continues to make waves as open interest on XRP-tracked futures surged to a record high of over $1.1 billion in the past 24 hours. This milestone surpasses the previous $1 billion level reached last week, highlighting the growing confidence in the blockchain market.

XRP Tokens’ Resilience Amidst Market Stagnation

Despite major cryptocurrencies remaining relatively stable, XRP tokens have experienced a consecutive two-day surge, with gains of up to 6%. This upward momentum has propelled the tokens to reach a high of 80 cents, matching the previous week’s peak before experiencing a slight pullback.

The surge in open interest, which refers to the number of unsettled futures contracts, has seen a remarkable 21% increase since Tuesday. Higher open interest indicates an influx of new investments, as it signifies a belief in the continuation of the current market trend for tokens or stocks. Currently, the majority of these positions, worth $443 million, are held on the prominent crypto exchange Binance, followed by Bitget at $250 million.

The Implications of Increased Open Interest

The significant rise in open interest on XRP-tracked futures suggests a growing interest and confidence in the blockchain industry. Investors and traders are increasingly placing their bets on XRP tokens, signaling their belief in the future potential of the blockchain technology underlying these tokens.

The Influence of the Recent U.S. Court Ruling

The recent surge in interest surrounding XRP tokens can be attributed to a U.S. court ruling last week. The court declared that the sale of XRP on exchanges did not constitute investment contracts, which ignited a 96% price surge for XRP and resulted in billions of dollars in trading volumes immediately following the court order.

This ruling has provided a significant boost to XRP’s credibility and has further solidified the legitimacy of blockchain-based assets. It has also served as a catalyst for increased interest and investment in XRP tokens, as investors now have more confidence in the regulatory framework surrounding them.

Bitcoin and Ether’s Recovery Amidst Profit-Taking

While XRP tokens have been stealing the spotlight, Bitcoin and Ether have also seen a recovery in their prices. In the Asian afternoon hours on Wednesday, both Bitcoin and Ether surpassed their respective support levels at $30,000 and $1,900. This recovery comes after traders likely took profits from the recent price surges on Tuesday, causing a temporary slide.

The resilience and rebound of these major cryptocurrencies further highlight the overall positive sentiment within the blockchain industry. Despite occasional market fluctuations, the underlying technology and the potential it holds continue to attract investors.


The surge in open interest on XRP-tracked futures, combined with the resilience of XRP tokens and the recovery of Bitcoin and Ether, reflect the growing confidence and interest in the blockchain industry. The recent U.S. court ruling has played a significant role in boosting the credibility of blockchain-based assets and attracting new investments.

As the blockchain industry continues to evolve and mature, it is essential to stay informed about the latest developments and trends. The surge in open interest on XRP-tracked futures serves as a clear indicator of the industry’s potential and the opportunities it presents for both investors and enthusiasts alike.

XRP open interest has surged to a record high. (Coinglass)

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