Arpa Network live on Ethereum Mainnet.

The Arpa Network, a decentralized computation protocol, was launched on the Ethereum mainnet on Wednesday after two months of testnet operations. According to developers, the network allows users to conduct blockchain activities and transactions while preserving privacy, making it difficult to trace on-chain behavior back to an entity or group of users. The launch enables Ethereum developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (dapps) such as lotteries, gaming, decentralized voting systems, and identity management systems. On June 22, Arpa Network will begin minting the remaining 500 million arpa (ARPA) tokens reserved for staking rewards. These tokens will also serve as a reserve to fund the growth of the Arpa ecosystem. The network is finalizing a six-month community pool staking program, with plans to allocate 1.5 million tokens as monthly rewards. Arpa tokens are currently trading at 5 cents and have a market capitalization of $50 million. Additionally, Arpa Network developers are pursuing integration with other EVM-compatible chains such as BNB Chain and exploring the potential of layer 2 chains. This article was edited by Sheldon Reback.