Ava Labs launches AI Assistant for Web Users.

Recently, Ava Labs, the company behind the success of Avalanche blockchain, has introduced AvaGPT, a generative AI assistant designed to improve user experiences. This move highlights the increasing use of cutting-edge technology in the cryptocurrency industry. The AI chatbot is integrated into Ava Labs Core platform, which offers all-in-one command solutions for blockchain projects, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to Ava Labs, AvaGPT is the first AI-powered chatbot to live on a crypto web portfolio. The chatbot has been trained with the knowledge of Core, AvaX documentations, and developer docs, aiming to empower users with a sophisticated and intuitive virtual companion that can provide real-time support and access to in-depth information. With deep learning capabilities, AvaGPT can quickly understand and respond to user queries, provide valuable information, and aid in their decision-making processes.

💡Our AI-driven chatbot is trained on Core’s knowledge base, @avax documentation, and developer docs. Use it to discover quick insights, receive real-time support, or access in-depth source information links fast.

— Core 🦉 (@coreapp) June 20, 2023

Kieran McShane, the Technical Product Manager at Ava Labs, stated that AvaGPT was developed in collaboration with Kapa AI, the trusted service provider for ChatGPT. McShane emphasized that the chatbot would not replace the company’s support team, but instead, it was created to support users. He further added that the chatbot has two main functions: answering general questions for Avalanche users quickly and letting them still access the support team. The development process ensured the smooth integration of AvaGPT and its optimal functionality within the Core platform.

Ava Labs’ latest innovative approach reflects the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and ensuring that their users stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving industry. The New York-based software development firm launched its Avalanche blockchain in 2020, which has positioned itself as one of the top crypto projects built on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. However, Ava Labs is not the first to exploit the generative AI market to assist its users. Last month, another blockchain protocol, Solana, incorporated an open-source AI plugin into its ecosystem. Additionally, other centralized exchanges such as Binance, Bybit, and Crypto.com have integrated AI assistants on their various platforms to aid customer experience.