Barcelona partners with World of Women for soccer NFT launch.

FC Barcelona has collaborated with the NFT project, World of Women, to create a unique soccer NFT. The Empowerment Soccer NFT showcases an animated portrait of Alexia Putellas, the captain of FC Barcelona’s women’s team and the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year 2022. Yasmin De Cristofaro, the lead artist at WoW, used Putellas’ image as a reference before adding elements of her own style and vision.

Showcasing History through Digital Art

Fans can bid for the soccer NFT on OpenSea from June 26 to June 28, 2023. The starting bid will be 0.1 ETH (about $350), while the final bid will be determined by market demand. All proceeds will go to Barça Foundation, which supports social projects for children and youth globally.

The collaboration between FC Barcelona and WoW is part of the club’s Masterpiece NFT Collection, which showcases the club’s values and history through digital art. The first NFT of the collection, titled “In A Way, Immortal,” was launched in June 2022. It featured Johan Cruyff, a legendary player and coach of FC Barcelona. The second NFT of the collection features Alexia Putellas and World of Women. The remaining pieces will feature other iconic moments and characters of FC Barcelona.

Soccer NFTs: A New Way to Connect with Fans

Soccer NFTs provide a new way for fans to connect with their favorite teams and players. They provide new revenue streams and engagement opportunities for clubs and leagues. Paul Lee, the Head of Technology Research at Deloitte Global, affirms this potential.

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about soccer NFTs. Some critics argue that they are overhyped, unsustainable, and environmentally harmful. Likewise, they point out that most soccer NFTs do not grant any ownership or use rights since people can freely watch them online. Additionally, they question the logic of paying for digital assets that can be easily copied or stolen. Therefore, soccer NFTs must prove their long-term viability and address concerns regarding their creation if they are to appeal to a wider audience.