Goodbye Sourceforge, Hello Google Groups: Bitcoin-dev Mailing List Finds a New Home

Bitcoin developers have moved their mailing list to Google Groups.

Hey there, fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts! We’ve got some exciting news for you today. The Bitcoin developers have decided to migrate their trusty mailing list from to a new home – Google Groups. 📨🏡

But, wait, what’s a mailing list, you may ask? Think of it as a nerdy, electronic version of pen pals. It’s a way for Bitcoin developers to exchange ideas, share updates, and discuss the future of everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency. And now, they’ve found a new mailing address!

The Journey of the Bitcoin-dev Mailing List

This migration isn’t just a random decision, folks. The mailing list has been on quite a journey. It initially resided on, then hopped over to Linux Foundation, then to OSUOSL, and now it’s finally landing in the warm embrace of Google Groups. It’s like the Bitcoin-dev mailing list is a digital nomad searching for its perfect home. 🌍🏠

Action Required: Update those Email Preferences!

If you’re already subscribed to the mailing list, listen up! You need to take some action before February 2024, or your emails to the old list will disappear into the void. And we don’t want that to happen, do we? So, make sure to update your preferences to the new mailing list location, which you can find right here. Don’t miss the train to the Bitcoin-dev party! 🎉📩

The Power of Choice: Mailing Lists for All

Now, we know some of you prefer to do things manually or maybe didn’t receive the invitation. Not to worry, friends. The Bitcoin-dev mailing list has got your back. You’ve got two alternatives to join the fun: you can either send an email to [email protected] and follow the instructions that come your way (check that spam folder, just in case), or you can go for the online interface option at the Bitcoin-dev Google Groups page. See, choice is a beautiful thing! 😄✉️

Keeping the Conversation Going

The moderators of the mailing list want to stress the importance of actively participating and keeping the conversation alive. We all know that sometimes people get carried away and conversations can turn into a chaotic mess. That’s why it’s essential to stay opted in to receive all messages and to ensure proper threading of replies. After all, we want to avoid a “signal-to-noise” ratio that’s more noise than signal. Let’s keep the chat focused and helpful! 🗣️🤫

Archiving the Past, Preserving the Future

Now, you might be wondering about those previously archived mailing list contents. Fear not! They will be safely stored and accessible to all (no Google account required) through external backups. The moderators have made sure to preserve all that valuable information, just in case you need to go back in time and relive some thought-provoking discussions. It’s like a treasure trove of Bitcoin knowledge! 💎🔒

Oh, and here’s an important nugget of information – the moderators are not relying on Google for any critical operations. They’re simply using Google as a conduit to share information that’s already meant to be public. So, don’t worry about big brother watching your Bitcoin debates. Your secrets are safe! 😉🔐

Let’s Play by the Rules

To keep things running smoothly and maintain a harmonious environment, the mailing list moderators have a few rules they’d like everyone to follow. These rules haven’t changed with the migration, so you can find them right here. Remember, rules are there to make sure everyone can benefit from the discussions and to keep the Bitcoin-dev mailing list a friendly and productive community. 📜🤝

And if you ever need to reach out to the moderators, just shoot them an email at [email protected]. They’re always there to help! 👥📧

Q&A: Answering Your Burning Questions

Q: Why did the Bitcoin developers decide to migrate to Google Groups?

A: The migration to Google Groups offers improved functionality, accessibility, and archiving options for the mailing list. Plus, it’s a change of scenery for the Bitcoin-dev community!

Q: Do I need a Google account to subscribe to the mailing list?

A: Yes and no! While a Google account is required for the online interface option, you can still subscribe manually via email without having a Gmail account. Just use [email protected], and you’re good to go!

Q: Is Google now in control of the Bitcoin-dev mailing list?

A: Not at all! The moderators are simply using Google as a platform to share public information. They remain in control and have backup measures in place to ensure the integrity of the mailing list.

Future Outlook: A Bright Future for Bitcoin-dev Discussions

With this migration, the Bitcoin-dev mailing list is set to thrive in its new Google Groups home. Improved accessibility, seamless archiving, and a better focus on relevant discussions will contribute to a vibrant and engaging community. So, gear up for even more exciting Bitcoin-dev conversations in the future! 🌟💬

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Now, it’s time for you to join the lively Bitcoin-dev community. Take action and update your mailing list preferences, share this news with your fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts, and let’s keep the Bitcoin-dev discussions rolling! 🚀💻

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research and consider professional advice before making any investment decisions.

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