Bitcoin price faces high volatility as 10K BTC enters exchanges.

Bitcoin price faces high volatility as 10K BTC enters exchanges.

The Potential Volatility of Bitcoin: A Closer Look at the Blockchain Industry

The blockchain industry has been closely monitoring the movement of Bitcoin (BTC) on exchanges, as it can be a significant indicator of price volatility. Recent data from on-chain analytics firm Glassnode reveals a surge in intraday BTC exchange inflows on July 27, suggesting that the market may be on the brink of “major volatility.”

Whales in Uncertain Waters

BTC has been struggling to break past the $30,000 mark, and traders have been cautioning about the possibility of further downside. In this uncertain market, Bitcoin’s largest-volume investors, known as whales, seem to be in a state of flux. To gain more insight into the market sentiment, attention has shifted towards entities sending funds to exchanges.

The influx of large tranches of coins in recent days has raised concerns about potential selling pressure. Market observers, including James Straten, a research and data analyst at crypto insights firm CryptoSlate, pointed out that the single-day inflow of over 10,000 BTC was the largest increase in several months. This influx of BTC to exchanges is reminiscent of the market uncertainty triggered by the fall of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in March, raising alarms about a possible spike in volatility.

Popular trader Ali echoed these concerns, referencing data from research firm Santiment that highlighted a significant increase in the supply of idle BTC exchanging hands in the past 24 hours, coinciding with a 10,000 BTC surge on crypto exchanges. This influx of BTC back on exchanges has pushed the combined BTC balance monitored by Glassnode above the 2.25-million mark. Although the balances remain at multi-year lows, the return to this level is worth noting as it signals a potential turning point for the market.

Bitcoin Hodler Cost Basis: The Key to Price Stability

The cost basis of Bitcoin hodlers, both short-term and long-term, plays a crucial role in supporting the BTC price. The concept of cost basis represents the average price at which Bitcoin was acquired and is an essential indicator of investor sentiment and confidence.

Straten emphasized the importance of hodler cost basis levels in determining BTC price movements. Glassnode and other market analysts have been closely monitoring the cost basis of both short-term and long-term holders. Straten highlighted that long-term holders have managed to reduce their cost basis to $20,490, the lowest level since April 2022. This reduced cost basis brings the realized price of BTC within $70 of the current market price.

The historical price patterns in previous bear markets, such as those in 2015 and 2019, indicated that short-term holder realized price acted as a significant support level. Similarly, in 2023, BTC has tested this support level three times already at around $28,241. This pattern suggests that short-term holder realized price could potentially act as a crucial support level, and if it holds firm, it may indicate the potential for a bullish reversal.


The recent movement of Bitcoin back onto exchanges, coupled with the fluctuations in the cost basis of hodlers, has brought the blockchain industry to the edge of its seat. The potential for major volatility in the BTC market has become a central topic of discussion, with traders and analysts closely watching for any significant price movements.

As the market remains uncertain, it is crucial for individual investors and traders to stay informed about these developments. Understanding the dynamics of the blockchain industry and the factors that influence Bitcoin’s price is key to making informed decisions and navigating volatility.

With Bitcoin and the broader blockchain industry continuing to captivate the financial world, it is clear that the excitement and challenges of this technology will shape the future of finance. By staying informed, investors, traders, and enthusiasts can be better prepared to navigate the ups and downs of the blockchain industry and embrace the potential it holds.