BitStream: Decentralized File Hosting, Bitcoin Style!

Pioneering Bitcoin Researcher Unveils Groundbreaking 'BitVM' and Generates Excitement with Latest File Hosting Paper

BitVM’ creator sparks excitement with new research paper on file hosting


You might remember Robin Linus from his groundbreaking BitVM paper that had the crypto community doing double takes. Well, hold on to your bitcoin wallets because he’s back with another exhilarating proposal that’s bound to make waves! Introducing… BitStream: the decentralized file hosting solution, incentivized through the power of Bitcoin payments!

In this remarkable paper, Robin Linus, a core contributor to the ingenious developer ZeroSync, concocts a mind-bending concept for creating an open market for content hosting. He suggests a daring strategy: an atomic swap of coins for files. Think of it like trading gold for treasure, only in the digital realm.

But how does BitStream avoid the colossal overhead costs that plague traditional hosting platforms? Here’s where Lightning swoops to the rescue! By implementing payment channels, the server charges for each download, nimbly skirting the dreaded burden of soaring expenses when a massive influx of hungry downloaders arrives at the virtual feast. It’s like paying a small fee to enter an amusement park where the rides are free!

Now, let’s talk encryption, the guardian angel of privacy and security. Linus, the mastermind, ensures that the server encrypts the files in such a way that even if the decryption process goes haywire, the client can always derive a neat little fraud proof. It’s like having a mechanic on standby, ready to fix any glitches along the way. And to guarantee the client receives the exact file they desire, a bond contract comes into play, allowing them to bring the hammer down on any server that dares to misbehave.

But that’s not all! The BitStream proposal shares a common goal with its predecessor, BitVM. Just as BitVM aimed to preserve the original blockchain’s stellar performance by shifting transactions and computations off-chain, BitStream follows suit. Why waste precious on-chain resources when they’re only needed for verification or dispute resolution? It’s like avoiding traffic jams by taking the scenic route.

The excitement surrounding BitStream has ruffled some feathers on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter). One witty user claimed that BitStream will do for storage space what BitVM does for execution time, to which Linus nodded in agreement, confirming the possibility of merging the two revolutionary proposals. It’s like having a delicious blend of peanut butter and jelly, a match made in crypto heaven!

Of course, there’s always that one skeptic in the crowd, questioning what sets BitStream apart from other storage cryptocurrencies that have come and gone. Linus, the virtuoso of brevity, gave a single-word response: “Bitcoin.” It’s like bringing a mighty lion to a kitten show!

So, my fellow digital asset adventurers, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride through the untamed realms of BitStream. Will it revolutionize decentralized file hosting as we know it? Only time will tell. But for now, let’s revel in the sheer audacity and brilliance of Robin Linus’s latest brainchild.

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Article edited by Bradley Keoun.