Brooklyn bathhouse users upset over Bitcoin mining heating water.

A bathhouse in Brooklyn, New York, has caused controversy among users on Instagram and Twitter after revealing that it is using Bitcoin (BTC) mining rigs to heat its spa.

In a June 21 Instagram post, Bathhouse explained that it is running Bitcoin mining rigs at its location in Brooklyn, which generate heat as a byproduct. The heat is then taken by heat exchangers and used to heat the venue’s pools via a circulating system, according to the post.

Bitcoin mining is the process of creating valid blocks that add transaction records to Bitcoin’s public ledger, known as the blockchain. However, it consumes a significant amount of energy, often sourced from fossil fuels, contributing to carbon emissions and raising concerns about its environmental impact.

A January 2022 report estimated that the Bitcoin mining network emits 42 megatons of carbon dioxide, accounting for 0.08% of the world’s total production.

Some Instagram users who follow the Bathhouse account expressed their concerns about the use of Bitcoin mining rigs, questioning who is mining the cryptocurrency, who is profiting from it, and whether they support that. However, others seemed to be happy with the idea of using mining-generated heat to heat the pools.

Despite Bathhouse’s specific example of carbon-neutral Bitcoin mining, the impact of Bitcoin mining on the environment remains a significant concern for some.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Bitcoin mining heat has been repurposed to save energy. Miners in Europe have devised creative ways of recycling the heat generated by solving valid Bitcoin blocks. For instance, in Norway, a Bitcoin miner and data center uses the hot air generated by Bitcoin mining rigs to dry out chopped logs.