Celestia联创 What is the most underestimated aspect of Rollup

Underappreciated Aspects of Rollup What Many Don't Know About Celestia联创

Author: Mustafa Al-Bassam, Co-founder of Celestia; Translation: LianGuai0xjs

One of the most underrated aspects of Rollups is that they actually provide Web2 scale and user experience with Web3 properties.

The biggest use case for cryptocurrencies should be payments, but why is it only Web2 that has been successful in this regard?

Imagine if LianGuaiyLianGuail decided to start running a Rollup aggregator to publish batched transaction data on-chain. LianGuaiyLianGuail becomes a Rollup, and the users wouldn’t notice.

Before publishing the batches to the base layer, the Rollup aggregator would have instant soft finality, providing users with a Web2-like experience. Not a 400ms delay, but a 10ms delay. People wouldn’t even know they are interacting with a chain.

Instead of attempting to achieve all of this on a monolithic L1 and getting the worst of both worlds in Web2 and Web3, Rollups offer you the best of both worlds because the Rollup aggregator gives you a fast Web2 experience while inheriting the censorship resistance and security properties of the base layer, giving you Web3 guarantees.

Now, imagine if LianGuaiyLianGuail tried to do this as a smart contract on a monolithic L1:

It would have to adapt its payment system to run on EVM or SVM instead of using its already existing system that may be better optimized for its use case;

It would have to share the same computational resources with other on-chain applications just to prevent some transactions from needing to access the same highly contested states quickly;

LianGuaiyLianGuail would have to pay validators fees to execute the same transaction 1000 times, reducing their profit margin to gain this privilege;

It would leak MEV information such as validator currency exchanges;

Users would typically have to hold native L1 tokens to pay for gas, which is a major user experience issue, whereas LianGuaiyLianGuail Rollup can accept USD for gas and convert it on behalf of the user;

It would be subject to base layer delays, whereas Rollup aggregator provides instant soft finality;

If LianGuaiyLianGuail wanted to, it could even accrue value by having its own utility token without having to issue a large amount for validator fees like L1 does, instead of L1 accruing all the value.