Chainlink’s LINK price surges 20% in 7 days. BTC20 predicted to be the next crypto to explode.

Chainlink's LINK price surges 20% in 7 days. BTC20 predicted to be the next crypto to explode.

The Blockchain Industry: Exploring Chainlink and BTC20


The blockchain industry has witnessed significant developments in recent years, with various projects revolutionizing the way we think about decentralized technology. Two notable projects that have garnered attention are Chainlink (LINK) and BTC20. These projects represent different aspects of the blockchain ecosystem, showcasing the potential and diversity within the industry.

Chainlink (LINK) has experienced an impressive climb over the past month, rallying up by 75%. However, the current price action indicates a rejection from the upper trendline, raising questions about the optimal time to invest in Chainlink.

LINK has been caught in a predictable range characterized by significant choppiness for more than a year. Despite the upside momentum of the 2021 crypto bull run, Chainlink holders have endured a gentle downside slide. The ongoing price action of LINK seems to be following this pattern.

The recent downside move in LINK is a result of a rally rejection from a 75% surge that saw the price peak at the upper trendline around $8.50. As a technical retracement, LINK has lost 10% of its value and dropped below a potential support level at $7.75. Looking ahead, there are few localized support levels, indicating a possible further retracement down to the converged 20DMA and 200DMA around $6.80.

Chainlink’s indicators paint a bearish picture as the RSI is overheated at 60, signaling bearish divergence. Moreover, the MACD performance of LINK has also been declining, with bullish divergence being marginalized and likely to flip bearish soon. Considering these factors, the risk-reward structure of LINK in the short term appears bleak, with a 0.2 ratio characterizing a potentially overwhelming 5x downside risk.

While downside movements dominate the chart, many investors are exploring alternative options to find more lucrative returns. One such project is BTC20, which offers an exciting opportunity for both Bitcoin enthusiasts and those seeking a greener network.

Bitcoin Heads for Proof-of-Stake with BTC20

BTC20 aims to provide a fresh perspective on owning Bitcoin and the potential for passive income generation. Leveraging ERC-20 proof-of-stake technology as its foundation, BTC20 offers an entirely new generation of Bitcoiners the chance to own an entire Bitcoin and participate in a greener network.

With over $1.5 million raised, less than half of the presale supply is still available. BTC20 operates on a novel stake-to-earn mechanism, set to launch in Q4 of this year, offering double-down rewards for committed holders. The rewards will be issued proportionally to the staking quantity, aligning incentives for long-term commitment and network security.

The staking mechanism of BTC20 aims to distribute a significant number of locked tokens, with a minimum of 14.95 million unsold tokens from the presale. These tokens will be gradually released, mimicking the release schedule of the Bitcoin network. Staking rewards are tied to both the staking quantity and the number of blocks validated, with 6.5 BTC20 per block forming the basis of the rewards.

To illustrate the potential rewards, let’s consider an example. If a holder stakes 5,000 BTC20 for one year, they would receive approximately 3,285 BTC20 in rewards, resulting in a rough annual percentage yield (APY) of 65.70%.

The presale price of BTC20 is an inviting $1 per token. This attractive pricing has generated significant interest among Bitcoiners, with many vying to secure a portion of the 3 million tokens available in the presale. If BTC20 were to capture just 10% of Bitcoin’s market cap, it could see a staggering 278,900% increase, reaching a value of $2,790.

BTC20 mirrors Bitcoin’s tokenomic supply, with 21 million tokens, and boasts a dedicated team of developers working with a roadmap that spans 120 years. With its long-term sustainability and innovative approach, BTC20 has already caught the attention of crypto analysts like Jacob Bury, further bolstering its reputation.

To gain a deeper understanding of the technology underpinning BTC20, it is recommended to read the project’s whitepaper and connect with fellow holders on Twitter.


The blockchain industry continues to evolve, offering various opportunities for both investors and technology enthusiasts. Projects such as Chainlink and BTC20 exemplify the diverse applications of blockchain technology.

While Chainlink faces current challenges as it navigates its choppy pattern, BTC20 presents a novel approach to owning Bitcoin and generating passive income through proof-of-stake technology.

As with any investment in the crypto space, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and understand the risks involved. The blockchain industry holds great promise, but it is essential to approach it with caution and make informed decisions.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.