Coinbase Stock Rating Upgraded: Is the Crypto Exchange Poised for Success?

Analyst Lau believes that the recent approval of spot bitcoin ETFs, higher trading volume, and a potential win in the company's lawsuit against the SEC are the main factors driving the upgrade.

Oppenheimer boosts Coinbase’s rating, noting its strength that may be underestimated by many.

📈 Shares of Coinbase (COIN) rose as much as 6% on Friday after investment bank Oppenheimer raised the rating of the stock to “outperform” from “perform” with a price target of $160 per share. This upgrade comes after JPMorgan downgraded the stock earlier this week, citing a disappointing bitcoin ETF catalyst. But what factors are driving this positive sentiment around Coinbase? Let’s dive in and find out!

Strong and Tough: Why Coinbase Stands out in the Crypto Industry

✅ Analyst Owen Lau from Oppenheimer believes that Coinbase is stronger than many people realize, and the management team is tougher than most investors think. He points out that during the crypto winter when many peers went under, Coinbase remained standing and fought for its businesses.

✅ Lau also highlights a “good chance” that Coinbase will win its lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or that the court will dismiss the case. This positive outcome could further bolster investor confidence in the company.

✅ Another driving force behind the stock upgrade is the recent approval of ten spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), for which Coinbase serves as a custodian for several issuers. Lau predicts that this will not only bring revenue to Coinbase as a key part of the infrastructure but also attract a new wave of investors, leading to increased adoption and higher trading volume.

👉 Q&A: What are the potential outcomes of Coinbase’s lawsuit against the SEC? – It is difficult to predict the outcome of a legal case, but if Coinbase were to win the lawsuit or have it dismissed, it could have a positive impact on the company’s reputation and investor sentiment. It might also set a precedent for other crypto-related companies facing similar regulatory challenges.

👉 Q&A: How will the approval of bitcoin ETFs benefit Coinbase? – Being a custodian for bitcoin ETFs allows Coinbase to generate revenue and solidify its role as an essential infrastructure provider in the crypto space. It also opens up opportunities for Coinbase to attract a broader range of investors, which could lead to increased trading volume on the platform.

Retail Traders Stick with Coinbase

🔀 Despite the low fees and attractive offers associated with trading ETFs, Lau doesn’t see a mass exodus of retail traders from Coinbase to ETFs. He believes that the vast majority of retail traders will likely keep their money on the exchange, as it provides them with access to various blockchain use cases beyond just trading.

✅ Lau also notes that Coinbase has seen higher trading volume since the start of the year. He predicts that this trend will continue over the next two years, driven by the Federal Reserve’s potential interest rate cuts and excitement surrounding the upcoming bitcoin halving in April. Lau estimates that trading volume could increase by as much as 66% year-over-year.

👉 Q&A: What are the advantages of trading on Coinbase compared to ETFs? – Coinbase offers retail traders a comprehensive platform that allows them not only to trade cryptocurrencies but also to engage in other blockchain-related activities. This broader ecosystem appeals to retail traders who are interested in exploring various use cases beyond pure trading.

A Look at Coinbase’s Stock Performance and Future Outlook

📉 While shares of Coinbase rose over 400% last year, the stock is currently down more than 20% this year, underperforming the broader crypto market. However, Oppenheimer’s rating upgrade and positive outlook suggest a potential turnaround for Coinbase.

🔮 Analyst Owen Lau sees a good chance for Coinbase to become a profitable company for the first time since the fourth quarter of 2021. He estimates 25% year-over-year growth and believes that the company’s strong position in the market, ongoing developments, and anticipated industry trends could drive its success in the coming year.

📊 Future Outlook and Investment Strategies – Looking ahead, investors should keep an eye on the outcome of Coinbase’s lawsuit against the SEC, as this could significantly impact the company’s reputation and regulatory environment. – The increasing adoption of bitcoin ETFs and Coinbase’s role as a custodian could drive revenue growth and attract new investors. – Coinbase’s ability to provide a comprehensive ecosystem of blockchain-related services may give it a competitive edge over platforms that solely focus on trading. – Market trends, such as potential interest rate cuts and the upcoming bitcoin halving, could create favorable conditions for trading volume growth.

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Edited by Aoyon Ashraf.