Crypto exchange updates for June 19, 2023.

This is a collection of the digital asset listings and delistings, as well as trading pair-related announcements made by crypto exchanges that we found last week and today.

If you have information about new listings and/or delistings that we missed, please let us know.


AscendEX Listings: Wall Street Baby (WSB), Spiral Tower (STS)

BitForex Listings: VNX (VNX), WAGMI Games (WAGMIGAMES), UC Finance  (UCF)

BitMart Listings: Candy Pocket (CANDY), Suiswap (SSWP), Polygame (PGEM), PLXYER (PLXY), Bored Pepe Vip Club (BPVC), WEMIX Dollar (WEMIX$), BART COIN ($BART), NORDEK (NRK), Printr (PRINTR)

Changelly Listings: THOR Chain (RUNE), V Systems (VSYS), Multichain (MULTI)

CoinEx Listings: Zano (ZANO), Tempus (TEMP), Raptor Jesus (RAPTOR), OctaSpace (OCTA)

DigiFinex Listings: Candy Pocket (CANDY), Omega Network (OMN), Logistic Fundamental (LF)

FINEXBOX Listings: Sun Tzu (TZU)

KuCoin Listings: pip (PIP), Omega Network (OMN), IMVU (VCORE)

LBank Listings: 6 Pack Rick (6PR), Raptor Jesus (RAPTOR), Ordinals (ORDI), BeNFT Solutions (BEAI), Revive (REVIVE), AI-X (X), Big Eyes (BIG); Removed Trading Pairs: MINIFOOTBALL/USDT, HODL/USDT, LEGO/USDT, STN/USDT, GUY/USDT, PPC/USDT, FND/USDT, LUNI/USDT, GXE/USDT

MEXC Global Listings: Candy Pocket (CANDY), GenomesDAO (GNOME), Joseon Mun (JSM), Harry Gorilla (GORILLA), OtterHome (HOME), PEPERA (PEPERA), Qitmeer Network (MEER), Potter Coin (POTTERCOIN), JennyCo (JCO), GemHUB (GHUB), GLI token (GLI), FORTUNE (FRTN), Ultron (ULX), World ID (WOID), Omega Network (OMN), AI Meta Club (AMC), Unleash Club (UNLEASH), AiDoge (AI2), Monte (MONTE), Mythos (MYTH), Disney (DIS)

OKX Listings: Omega Network (OMN); Removed Trading Pairs: ZYRO/USDT, DMD/USDT, EGT/USDT, TCT/USDT, ANC/USDT, MIR/USDT, BCD/USDT

Poloniex Listings: Rootstock Infrastructure Framework (RIF), Level Finance (LVL), Kwenta (KWENTA), MESSI COIN (MESSI), Planet (PLANET), VMPX (VMPX); Delistings: Nxt (NXT), The RandomDAO (RND), PeerEx Network (PERX), Meshswap Protocol (MESH), NuCypher (NU), RioDeFi (RFUEL), Zap (ZAP), FingerprintsDAO (PRINTS), Proof Of Liquidity (POL), Keep Network (KEEP), B20 (B20), Alchemist (MIST), Swerve (SWRV), Meme (MEME), Value Liquidity (VALUE), zLOT (ZLOT)

ProBit Listings: Galactix Zone (GXZ)

P2B Crypto Exchange Listings: SMURFS Token (SMURFS), HORECA (HRC), Coorest Token (CRST)

VinDax Listings: OMGC (OMGC), Hola (HOLA)

WazirX Listings: COMBO (COMBO); Added Trading Pairs: RNDR/INR, AAVE/INR, RSR/INR