Dan Tapiero advises on bear market navigation beyond Bitcoin price.

Beginner traders often base their decisions on negative events happening in the crypto space. But experienced traders have different strategies that help them succeed, even in a bear market. Dan Tapiero, founder of growth equity funds 10T Holdings and 1RoundTable Partners, shared some of his strategies with Cointelegraph. He stressed the importance of having a broad perspective and avoiding being influenced by emotions and people’s fears. In addition, Tapiero pointed out that the digital asset ecosystem has grown significantly beyond just Bitcoin and Ethereum. He noted that several companies made more money last year than the previous year, even during a massive drop in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

“It’s important to understand that the space has really grown. It’s not just about the price of Bitcoin or the price of Ethereum. We have five or six companies that actually made more money last year than in the previous year. So, even during the time of a massive drop in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum, we’ve had companies do better.”

Tapiero also explained that there are sectors within the digital asset ecosystem that are not correlated. For example, $8 trillion in stablecoins were settled in 2022, the total number of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) minted crossed the one trillion mark, and blockchain gaming took off. Tapiero emphasized that three years ago, these sectors did not even exist. In addition, Tapiero pointed to developments in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space and highlighted that it was at zero a few years ago.

When asked about the impact of community sentiments on his strategies, Tapiero said that he’s not interested in these feelings. He believes that crypto should be treated like other currencies, bonds, or stocks and that emotions should be set aside to make rational judgments. Tapiero also shared his thoughts on the next bull phase, stating that the bear phase is finished. He believes that the market has had a very nice recovery and will have an explosive and broad bull market in the future. He estimates that the crypto market capitalization will hit up to 6 to 8 trillion during the next bull phase.