Deutsche Telekom to become a Polygon validator.

  • Deutsche Telekom, one of Europe’s largest telecommunications companies, provides consulting and software development services.
  • The Polygon Network has about 100 validators offering staking and validation services.
  • Deutsche Telekom will become a Polygon Network validator, leveraging its infrastructure in Web3.

Deutsche Telekom not only provides consulting and software development services, but also uses its infrastructure to boost network security and explore new revenue streams as a validator for several blockchain protocols, including Celo, Q, Flow, Ethereum, and Chainlink blockchains. Polygon has about 100 validators providing validation and staking services for the network and the Polygon Supernets solution.

Deutsche Telekom as a Polygon validator

Polygon has become an important layer 2 within the Ethereum ETH ecosystem, offering a wide range of scaling solutions including side chains, data availability, and the zero-knowledge rollups whose holy-grail beta recently hit the mainnet.

Deutsche Telekom MMS will help secure Polygon’s proof-of-stake sidechain and Sepernets chain resulting in improved security, decentralization, and governance of the protocol by operating as a Polygon validator. The company will run a full node, produce blocks, and validate transactions while also committing checkpoints to the Ethereum mainnet.

Dirk Röde, head of Deutsche Telekom’s Blockchain Solutions Center, said:

“Deutsche Telekom is not only a renowned infrastructure provider for mobile and internet services but is also making significant commitments to expand its presence and reliability as an infrastructure provider in the web3 domain.”