5 Must-read Articles in the Evening | What Can You Buy With BRC20 Now?

5 Essential Evening Reads | Discover What You Can Purchase with BRC20 Now

1. The Crossroads of Bitcoin and Bitcoin ETF: Decentralization vs. Institutionalization

Bitcoin was born with a revolutionary vision: a decentralized, peer-to-peer financial system that empowers individuals by eliminating intermediaries. This vision is deeply rooted in the genesis block of Bitcoin and is now at a crossroads, potentially being overshadowed as institutional investors seek the security of regulated custodial institutions. Read more

2. Who Will Dominate the Next Crypto Bull Market? Which Crypto Assets Will Skyrocket?

Every previous crypto bull market has demonstrated the rotation of capital among various crypto assets. Typically, funds move from stablecoins to Bitcoin, then to Ethereum and other major Layer1 protocols, and finally into various mid-to-low market cap altcoins. However, in a crypto market dominated by retail investors, the situation is different. Their behavior is driven by a desire to get rich quick, investing $500 in a meme coin and hoping for a Lamborghini. The upcoming bull market will witness the entry of deep-pocketed institutional investors with a completely different mindset. It can be foreseen that capital rotation in the crypto market will no longer follow the previous standards. Cryptocurrencies compliant with SEC regulations may outperform other crypto assets. Read more

3. Celestia Co-founder: The Most Underrated Aspect of Rollups

One of the most underrated aspects of rollups is that they “actually” provide users with Web3 attributes at Web2 scale and user experience. The biggest use case for cryptocurrencies should be payments, but why has only Web2 been successful in this regard? Imagine if LianGuaiyLianGuail decided to run a rollup aggregator to publish batch transaction data on-chain. LianGuaiyLianGuail becomes a rollup, and users wouldn’t even notice. Read more

4. Continue Capital: SOL Becomes a Stand-Alone Category Due to Single Shard Optimization

In a general market rally, everyone is happy. SOL, however, is consolidating after a high-level pullback. After this transformation, I personally believe that $SOL has become a stand-alone category (any L1 approaching its market cap can be exchanged for SOL with a double-digit difference). It has undergone a comprehensive transformation and upgrade in terms of cohesion, technology, ecosystem, chips, community, etc. Yet, what remains unchanged is the team’s resilience. Of course, these are the words used to describe it in hindsight. What about beforehand? Bet on a single chain. Read more

5. November 10 AMA Playback: What Can We Buy with BRC20 Now?

Is the Bitcoin ecosystem about to explode? Will BRC20 kickstart the next bull market? Someone tell me what I can buy now, I don’t want to miss out! On November 10, LianGuai hosted a Twitter Space event, inviting 8 guests to share industry observations. Read more