Guide for using DeFi correctly available now.

The cryptocurrency market experienced a surge in growth during the decentralized finance (DeFi) Summer of 2021, driven by fear of missing out (FOMO), which led to all-time highs for Bitcoin (BTC) and much of the cryptocurrency market. During this period, the total value locked (TVL) across DeFi rose to almost $180 billion before plummeting.

After the BTC price crossed the $30,000 threshold in recent weeks, some speculate that the market is preparing for another bull run. This could signal interest from both veterans of past cycles and those new to crypto to get involved in DeFi. Cointelegraph Research’s latest report provides insights for past, present, and future DeFi users.

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The “Investing in DeFi: A Comprehensive Guide” report is an excellent starting point for those new to blockchain, providing an overview of DeFi. Throughout the report, there are links and references to useful resources and tools to help individuals conduct their own due diligence before investing in anything. Cointelegraph Research and Cointelegraph Markets Pro collaborated on various aspects of the report to bring tips and tricks to help DeFi users with fundamental analysis to mitigate the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies.

More growth for DeFi in the near future?

Before investing in DeFi, it is important to understand the potential for the sector to grow if there is increased interest in the future. If we look at the chart below of DeFi’s dramatic rise during the 2021 DeFi Summer, it would seem to indicate that there is plenty of room to grow to at least the levels achieved during the last bull cycle.

While there is no guarantee that the crypto markets will replicate this move, it does indicate that there was, at one point, a market appetite for DeFi at these levels. Potential investors must ask themselves, “Is there more or less adoption today than in the past?” and “Could there be more or less adoption in the future than today?”

So many tools, so little time

Unlike the early days of cryptocurrency, there are many different tools and applications available to DeFi participants. It is impossible to put all of the different solutions that have been founded and launched into one chart.

The illustration below serves as a starting point for DeFi investors to begin researching the different protocols and possible investments in the cryptoverse. Cointelegraph Research’s latest report is a starting place to help bring new people into the world of DeFi.

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