Jordan Chen, COO of MicroBT, talks about the company’s long-term goals and their latest Whatsminers at Bitcoin 2023

MicroBT, a leading manufacturer of Bitcoin mining rigs, is committed to finding better power sources for Bitcoin mining. In an interview conducted at the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami Beach, MicroBT’s COO, Jordan Chen, emphasized the company’s dedication to developing a solar power mining solution. Chen believes that solar power is an ideal power source for Bitcoin mining, both in terms of decentralization and sustainability. According to Chen, MicroBT is working with partners throughout the value chain to provide a comprehensive solution that uses solar power for mining worldwide.

Chen explained how MicroBT’s Whatsminer rigs adjust voltage and frequency to adapt to changes in solar power. He stated that the mining machine needs to adapt to power changes to keep mining throughout the day with different working voltages and frequencies. Chen highlighted that this dynamic adjustment only costs about 1% to 2% efficiency compared to the traditional shut-down-and-reboot method, ensuring continuous mining operations and optimizing revenue.

Chen also discussed the cooling methods in the new Whatsminer M50 series, highlighting the benefits and unique features of each. He explained that air-cooling uses fans to take away heat, while hydro-cooling uses water-cooling pads, eliminating the need for fans and heat sinks and offering a longer lifetime. Regarding immersion cooling, Chen emphasized its advantages, stating that it is dust-free, not exposed to corrosive air, has low noise and a longer lifetime.

Chen also shared MicroBT’s focus on heat utilization scenarios, stating that the heat generated during the mining process will be transferred to an outside heating loop through a heat exchanger. He further explained that the heat recovery ratio can be as high as 95%. Chen emphasized that MicroBT collaborates with customers on various applications, such as providing heating services to communities and generating steam for industrial uses like food processing.

When discussing MicroBT’s vision for the future of Bitcoin mining, Chen emphasized their commitment to leveraging renewable energies and maximizing the reuse of heat generated during mining. He stated that their vision is allowing Bitcoin mining to make a bigger and bigger positive contribution to society, with a focus on minimizing carbon emissions and carbon footprint.