Mara, an Africa-focused DeFi platform, launches Ethereum-compatible testnet.

Mara, an Africa-focused DeFi platform, launches Ethereum-compatible testnet.

The Rise of Mara Chain: Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain in Africa

Africa-focused decentralized finance platform Mara recently announced the release of a testnet for its upcoming Mara Chain. This Ethereum-compatible layer 2 network, which uses MARA tokens for fees, aims to provide a robust infrastructure for developers in Nigeria and across Africa to build and test their decentralized applications (DApps). With the recent launch of the Mara Wallet, which facilitates the trading and withdrawal of both fiat currencies and tokens, Mara is positioning itself as a key player in Africa’s blockchain landscape.

Blockchain as the New Utility

According to Chi Nnadi, CEO of Mara, blockchain technology has become an essential utility and infrastructure, much like electricity or the internet. Recognizing the immense potential that blockchain holds for Africa’s development, Nnadi stated, “Opportunities abound in Africa that can be harnessed using blockchain as a technology to deliver widespread utility for African people.” With its decentralized nature and ability to provide secure and transparent transactions, blockchain technology has the power to revolutionize various sectors, including finance, supply chain management, healthcare, and governance.

Testing the Waters: The Importance of Testnets

Before launching a blockchain network, thorough testing is crucial to identify and rectify any bugs or deficiencies. This is where testnets come into play. Testnets replicate real-world blockchains, allowing developers to experiment with their applications in a controlled environment. By releasing a testnet for Mara Chain, developers can ensure the network’s stability and functionality before its mainnet launch.

Unleashing the Potential: Advantages of Mara Chain

The Mara Chain developers are proud to present several benefits of their platform. Firstly, they boast sub-second transactional speeds, allowing for near-instantaneous transfer of value. This feature is particularly significant in a region where traditional financial systems often suffer from slow and expensive cross-border transactions. Additionally, Mara Chain offers low gas fees, making it cost-effective for users to engage with the network. Moreover, interoperability with other Optimism-based networks enhances the ecosystem’s overall connectivity, creating a seamless user experience.

Nurturing Collaboration: Engaging the Developer Community

Mara recognizes the importance of community engagement and collaboration in driving the growth of blockchain applications. To ensure continuous improvement, the platform actively seeks feedback from developers and partners. By fostering a supportive ecosystem, Mara aims to nurture the advancement and enhancement of the Mara Chain. In line with this, tangible rewards such as bounty grants and development grants are offered to individuals who contribute to the platform’s evolution.


With the release of the Mara Chain testnet, Mara takes a significant step towards leveraging the transformative power of blockchain technology in Africa. By providing developers with an Ethereum-compatible layer 2 network, Mara aims to unlock the potential of decentralized applications across the continent. With its sub-second transactional speeds, low gas fees, and interoperability, Mara Chain promises to revolutionize the way Africans engage with blockchain technology. As Mara actively seeks feedback and collaboration, the platform is poised to create a thriving ecosystem that propels the growth of blockchain applications in Africa.

Edited by Parikshit Mishra