Mastercard debuts UEFA Champions League Trivia Game as an NFT, plus other NFT updates.

Today's Top NFT News - February 12, 2024 Mastercard's Release of NFT UEFA Champions League Trivia Game, Integration of Kresus Wallet with Sotheby's Metaverse, and More!

🧩 NFT Market Update: Mastercard Launches NFT UEFA Champions League Trivia Game + More NFT News 🎮⚽

Sead Fadilpašić Sead Fadilpašić | Last updated: February 12, 2024 07:00 EST | 3 min read

Mastercard Launches NFT UEFA Champions League Trivia Game + More NFT News Source: Dalle-3

In today’s exciting NFT news, Mastercard has launched a thrilling new trivia game centered around the UEFA Champions League. Additionally, Kresus wallet has joined forces with Sotheby’s Metaverse, and ByBit has partnered with UniSat. Let’s dive into the details!

NFT Market Data 📈

The non-fungible token NFT sales volume has dropped by 7% in the past 24 hours, amounting to $36,831,744.

Buyers, sellers, and transactions have also experienced declines of 8%, 2%, and 1% respectively.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 NFT collections by sales volume. Sitting at number one is Pandora, according to CryptoSlam. Despite a 6% decrease in the past day, Pandora’s sales volume stands strong at $7,896,182.

Doodles has claimed the second spot with an impressive 157% increase, reaching $1,766,426.

The biggest growth in the past day was seen by Ordinal Maxi Biz, with a staggering 1,735% surge to $674,822.

On the other hand, Uncategorized Ordinals experienced the largest decrease of 41%, with its sales volume dropping to $655,886.

Now let’s explore the latest NFT news.

Mastercard Launches NFT UEFA Champions League Trivia Game 🎮⚽

Payments giant Mastercard has unveiled its latest Web3-powered trivia competition designed for football fans. This game rewards players based on their knowledge of the UEFA Champions League and aims to find football’s top trivia buff, as stated in the announcement.

This trivia game is part of Mastercard’s new platform called “Pass to Priceless,” which brings together Mastercard’s Web3 assets in one unified space.

Through this platform, players can collect Mastercard X UEFA Champions League-branded digital passes in the form of NFTs. These passes give participants the opportunity to win tickets to the Final match at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium.

The real-time football-focused quiz will be open to Mastercard cardholders in various countries, including France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Italy, the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina. Each quiz will start 30 minutes before each UEFA Champions League round of Tuesday fixtures, commencing on February 13 and ending on June 1.

The quiz questions will cover a range of topics, from the highest-scoring game to the year of the first-ever Group Stage. Winners of each round will be rewarded with UEFA Champions League match tickets, leading them to climb the leaderboard.

At the end of the semi-final on April 30, the person at the top of the leaderboard will win the grand prize: tickets to the final at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Mastercard NFT UEFA Champions League Trivia Game Source:

Kresus Wallet Joins Sotheby’s Metaverse for All-in-One NFT Management 🎨💼

Sotheby’s Metaverse arm has added the Web3 app Kresus as a supported digital wallet option. Collectors can now conveniently purchase and store digital artworks through this app, as mentioned in the announcement.

With the addition of Kresus, Sotheby’s aims to provide the easiest way for both new and experienced collectors to store digital art. Kresus offers unique technology that allows users to recover assets, even if they lose access to their email. The app is known for its “goof-proof” security.

This powerful tool, combined with a strong emphasis on user control, enables Sotheby’s to offer digital collectors a safe vault for storing high-end NFTs.

In other news, Sotheby’s has announced a Sealed Auction of Ether Rock from February 14 to 21.

ByBit Web3 Partners with UniSat for an Integrated Inscription Marketplace 🔗💡

Crypto exchange ByBit has entered into a strategic partnership with UniSat, a bitcoin service provider supporting inscription assets. According to the press release, this integration enables the establishment of a unified inscription platform that supports BRC-20 tokens across multiple blockchains.

By integrating UniSat’s cross-chain technology, ByBit eliminates the need for users to navigate multiple platforms. This streamlines the inscription process and simplifies the experience.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the inscription market. Users gain seamless access to a comprehensive backend logic system that tracks and analyzes BRC-20 assets. This provides valuable insights for informed trading decisions.

UniSat’s interoperability solutions pave the way for deeper liquidity pools for inscribed BRC-20 tokens on ByBit. Consequently, this broadens access for investors and secondary markets, amplifying the overall value proposition of the inscription ecosystem.

🔮 Future Outlook and Strategies

The NFT market continues to evolve and attract attention from various industries. Companies like Mastercard are leveraging NFTs to engage with their audiences through innovative and interactive experiences, such as trivia games. This presents a fascinating intersection between sports, entertainment, and blockchain technology.

With the integration of platforms like Kresus and UniSat, NFT collectors now have user-friendly tools and expanded market access, making it easier to navigate the world of digital art and inscription assets.

As the NFT market matures, we can expect to see more collaborations and integrations that enhance the overall user experience and drive new opportunities for creators and investors alike. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the growing NFT ecosystem.

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🤔 Q&A

1. Can anyone participate in Mastercard’s NFT UEFA Champions League Trivia Game? – No, the trivia game is exclusively available for Mastercard cardholders in selected countries. Participants must also have knowledge of the UEFA Champions League to compete.

2. How can Kresus wallet help collectors store their digital artworks? – Kresus wallet offers a user-friendly Web3 app that allows collectors to conveniently purchase and securely store digital artworks. Its unique technology ensures that even if users lose access to their email, they can still recover their assets.

3. What does the partnership between ByBit and UniSat mean for users? – ByBit’s strategic partnership with UniSat creates an integrated inscription marketplace powered by cross-chain technology. This allows users to access a comprehensive backend logic system, gain valuable insights, and make informed trading decisions. It simplifies the inscription process and expands liquidity pools for BRC-20 tokens.

4. What can we expect for the future of the NFT market? – As the NFT market continues to evolve, we anticipate increased collaboration between industries, more user-friendly tools, and expanded market access. The intersection of sports, entertainment, and blockchain technology will lead to innovative and interactive experiences. The maturation of the NFT ecosystem will provide new opportunities for creators and investors alike.

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