Mutant Ape Planet’ NFT Artist Confesses to Fraud, Braces for 5 Years Behind Bars

Designer of Mutant Ape Planet NFT Scam Admits Guilt, Could Serve Up to 5 Years Behind Bars


Hey there, fellow crypto enthusiasts! Buckle up for a wild, yet cautionary tale in the exciting world of NFTs. Our protagonist, Aurelien Michel, the wunderkind behind the coveted “Mutant Ape Planet” NFTs, recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster ride through fraud and deception!

Picture this: a promising 25-year-old designer, who seemed destined for greatness, pled guilty to conspiring to commit wire fraud at the Brooklyn federal courthouse. Yes, folks, that’s right! Our prodigy turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Let’s dive into the details of this audacious $3 million fraud scheme.

Michel’s modus operandi was as cunning as it was enticing. He tantalized NFT investors with a smorgasbord of promises: giveaways, tokens, merchandise collections, and even staking features. The poor unsuspecting souls couldn’t resist the siren song of his deceitful charm. Little did they know they were about to be caught in the web of a rug-pull scheme that would leave them weeping into their virtual wallets.

Once the NFTs were sold out, Michel vanished into thin air, like the Houdini of crypto con artists. He slyly absconded with investors’ hard-earned money, stuffing nearly $3 million into his digital pockets. Say it ain’t so! But fear not, justice has a way of catching up with the crafty. According to Thomas Fattorusso, Acting Special Agent-in-Charge at the Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation, Michel is about to have a front-row seat to his very own nightmare—behind bars.

You might be wondering how Michel managed to perpetrate such an audacious scam. Well, my friends, he created knockoff NFTs of the wildly popular Mutant Ape Yacht Club, charmingly named “Mutant Ape Planet.” These counterfeit collectibles, sold on the Ethereum blockchain at a pretty penny of $500 per unit, seemed alluringly close to the real deal. Unfortunately, they turned out to be the dark underbelly of the NFT universe, leaving investors with pockets full of regret.

In a Discord chat under the alias James, our nefarious protagonist spilled the beans about his fraudulent intentions. He claimed they never intended to rug (yes, we’re talking about rugs outside your living room), but the community became too toxic for their liking. Oh, the irony! We can only imagine how toxic the community must have become once they discovered the truth.

In the midst of this gripping saga, let’s take a moment to appreciate the diligent work of law enforcement. United States Attorney Breon Peace declared that they’re committed to holding these crypto criminals accountable and protecting the investing public. As avid enthusiasts ourselves, we couldn’t be happier about that!

Now, here comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Michel has agreed to forfeit a hefty sum of $1.4 million and potentially spend up to five years in the slammer. Quite a price to pay for his attempt to fool and fleece innocent investors. The sentencing date remains tantalizingly unclear, but rest assured, we’ll be here to keep you updated.

Remember, dear reader: while the wild west of digital assets offers incredible opportunities, it’s vital to stay vigilant. Don’t let the allure of quick riches blind you to the possible dangers lurking in the shadows. Always conduct thorough research, consult experts (like yours truly), and exercise caution before diving headfirst into the world of crypto.

To all the fraudsters out there, take heed: the blockchain community is watching, and we won’t stand for your antics. The pursuit for transparency and integrity in the realm of digital investments continues, and together, we’ll weed out the bad apples. Stay sharp, stay informed, and let the crypto revolution unfold!

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