NFT market rebounds, what are the whales and KOLs buying?

NFT Market Rebounds Insights into What Whales and KOLs are Investing In

Sofa Maker, Squiggle, Weirdo Ghost Gang, and other NFT projects are favored by whales and many KOLs.

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· NFT Market’s Trading Volume Has Steadily Increased in the Past Two Weeks, with the Floor Prices of Multiple Projects Surging

· What Are Whales and KOLs Buying?

Last week, the Bitcoin ecosystem-related market continued to be hot. However, some may not have noticed that the NFT market is also gradually emerging from the uptrend. According to BlockBeats’ observation, since November, whales have been buying Weirdo Ghost Gang, Yuga Labs co-founder Gordon Goner has returned to the market and bought Squiggle series, World of Women, doodles and other NFT products. Various signs indicate that the NFT market is gradually warming up.

NFT Market’s Trading Volume Has Steadily Increased in the Past Two Weeks, with the Floor Prices of Multiple Projects Surging

According to NFTGO data, Ethereum NFT’s trading volume has grown by 79.46% in the past month, reaching 208,880 ETH. NFTs traded in USD have also experienced significant growth, with their trading volume increasing by 102.83% in the past month, reaching a volume of $380 million. Looking at the data from the past week, the activity in the NFT market has been continuously refreshed. On November 7th, according to Dune data, the Ethereum NFT trading volume exceeded 10,000 ETH, reaching 10,351 ETH, reaching a three-month high.


In addition, on November 8th, according to Dune data, the trading volume of Bitcoin NFTs approached $16 million, reaching the second-highest point in history, also fueling the recent uptrend in the NFT market. On November 6th, Nansen’s report stated that as of the week ending November 6th, NFT sales reached 68,342 ETH, approximately $129 million.


At the same time, according to BlockBeats’ observation, the floor prices of NFTs, including Bored Ape Yacht Club and Pudgy Penguins, have been rising in the past half month.


In addition, according to BlockBeats observation, on November 4th, the floor price of “Gemesis” NFT achieved a 108% increase within 24 hours, with a trading volume of 7.19 ETH. On the same day, the total trading volume of NFTs issued by RTFKT, a fashion brand under Nike, reached nearly $1.4 billion.

What are the whales and KOLs buying?

According to BlockBeats observation, the frequent trading by whales in the past week, as well as the buying activities of many community KOLs, have to some extent pushed up the NFT market trends.

Sofa Maker

Lost Miners x45: Co-founder @CryptoVonDoom shared his Sofa Maker NFT products on social media on November 13th. According to Blur data, the floor price of Sofa Maker is 0.2 ETH.



@GordonGoner (Co-founder of Yuga Labs) returned to the market in November and made frequent purchases of many NFT series products, including the Squiggle series NFT products purchased at a price of 36 ETH. The current floor price of Squiggle is 0.47 ETH.


Weirdo Ghost Gang

On November 8th, according to Blur data, Christian, the co-founder of crypto fund NDV and NFT whale, established 1000 Bid “order walls” for the NFT project Weirdo Ghost Gang at a price of 0.5 ETH, with a total value of 500 ETH. According to Blur data, the price of Little Ghost increased by 30.56% in 7 days and is quoted at 0.47 ETH.


On the same day, according to Blur data, NFT whale dingaling also purchased 40 Little Ghosts, and Luca Netz, CEO of Pudgy Penguins, replied that he had bought one Little Ghost.

World of Women

@GordonGoner shared his purchase of World of Women on November 10th and pointed out, “When I was looking for a project to imitate, I started browsing the world of women NFT collection and didn’t really know if I could find a project that was meaningful to me. Then I saw this. It’s my girlfriend’s replica, shining bright, she’s been by my side throughout the whole journey, supporting me, loving me, enduring my endless nonsense. I’m giving this to her tonight. She doesn’t know. Does anyone know how to romantically give someone a jpeg?”


According to Blur data, World of Women has seen a 48.99% increase in price over the past week, with a floor price of 1.03 ETH.


It’s worth noting that @GordonGoner has also bought doodles. According to Blur data, Doodles has seen a 34.32% increase in price over the past week, with a listing price of 2.27 ETH.