Nostr Creator collaborates with Zebedee to create a new social media layer, backed by Jack Dorsey.

The creator of the decentralized social media protocol Nostr, who goes by the pseudonym Fiatjaf, has collaborated with his employer, Zebedee, a Bitcoin gaming and payments company, on a social media layer that will soon launch on Zebedee’s flagship app. Fiatjaf is a self-taught Bitcoin coder who prefers to remain anonymous. Nostr, created by Fiatjaf and Bitcoin hobbyist Ben Arc, has its roots in Zebedee’s non-profit arm for advancing open-source Bitcoin development. In 2022, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donated 14 bitcoin directly to Fiatjaf himself. In May 2023, Dorsey made a $10 million donation to OpenSats, a non-profit organization for free and open-source Bitcoin projects, with half of the donation earmarked for further Nostr development.

The Nostr protocol’s user base has expanded, and now Fiatjaf and Zebedee have collaborated to create a Nostr-powered social media layer that will be integrated into Zebedee’s marquee app at a future date. Zebedee’s Bitcoin-focused app, which already has millions of users, will allow those users to opt into the Nostr-based social media component, enabling them to communicate with millions of other Nostr users on different apps like Damus. Each user already has a name, profile, and profile picture, and those who opt in will be turned into a Nostr identity and can interact with the broader Nostr ecosystem.