PepeCoin and PepeDerp rise as Kermit falls Frog-themed cryptocurrencies experience a shift in value

The article discusses the rise of alternative meme coins following the 80% drop in the price of Pepe coin after its Binance listing. The article then goes on to highlight several meme coins that have risen in popularity, including Kermit the Coin, Memetic/PepeCoin, PepeCoin Cryptocurrency, and PepeDerp. The article provides information on each coin, including their current price trends and DEXTscores. It also warns readers to exercise caution before investing in meme coins, as they can be highly volatile and some may be scams. The article concludes by recommending two new meme coin presales, AiDoge and Wall Street Memes, as potentially good investment opportunities.

Wall Street Memes has started its token sale just 72 hours ago and has already raised $1 million from early buyers. This success can be attributed to the company’s existing Instagram community and its past success with NFT projects.

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