Possible Crypto Payments for X’s Ad Revenue Sharing

Possible Crypto Payments for X's Ad Revenue Sharing

The Blockchain Revolution in the Advertising Industry

The announcement of X’s (formerly Twitter) ads revenue sharing initiative has ignited discussions about the potential integration of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), in the platform’s payment system. This move has garnered significant interest from both the cryptocurrency community and X’s user base.

A Welcomed Proposal

Crypto exchange Kraken proposed the idea of accepting Bitcoin as a payment method on X, which received positive feedback from the platform’s community. Users like VJ Crypto Guerreier even suggested starting with Dogecoin (DOGE) as a viable payment option. However, ixela.lens indicated that accepting “Web Money” might be a more realistic approach at this time.

The Introduction of Ad Revenue Sharing

After much anticipation, X introduced its ad revenue-sharing program for eligible creators worldwide. This initiative allows creators to earn a portion of the revenue generated from advertisements displayed in response to their content on the platform. By empowering creators to earn a direct livelihood, X aims to establish itself as the preferred platform for content creators.

X’s official tweet on July 28, 2023, confirmed the launch of the Ads Revenue Sharing program:

“Today is the day: Ads Revenue Sharing is now live for eligible creators globally. Set up payouts from within Monetization to get paid for posting. We want X to be the best place on the internet to earn a living as a creator, and this is our first step in rewarding you for your…”

To be eligible for payouts, creators must meet specific criteria, including having a minimum of 15 million impressions in the last three months, at least 500 followers, and being subscribed to the Blue verification service. X has collaborated with financial technology company Stripe to handle the payment processing for this program.

Stripe’s Role in the Crypto Sphere

Stripe, a leading payment processor, had previously launched a native fiat-to-crypto on-ramp service, aiming to enhance the crypto purchasing experience for customers in the United States. Should X decide to introduce cryptocurrency payments, Stripe’s on-ramp service could prove valuable in facilitating the integration. However, there are currently no official plans or indications from X’s developers regarding implementing cryptocurrency-based payments.

The Long-Awaited Crypto Payments

The concept of cryptocurrency payments on X has been circulating for some time, with speculation suggesting that Dogecoin (DOGE) and Bitcoin (BTC) could be among the initial supported coins. However, it’s essential to note that Stripe has already offered cryptocurrency payouts for Twitter creators since April 2022. The introduction of crypto payments on X would build upon this existing support and potentially revolutionize the advertising industry.

In conclusion, X’s decision to implement an ad revenue-sharing program marks a significant step in supporting content creators. Although the integration of cryptocurrencies on the platform remains uncertain, discussions on this topic highlight the growing role of blockchain technology within the advertising industry. By exploring new payment methods, X is demonstrating its commitment to innovation and empowering creators in the digital era.

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