Tetris Token soars 100,000% in 24 hours, but experts warn it’s a scam. A lesser known crypto could be the next big thing.

Tetris Token soars 100,000% in 24 hours, but experts warn it's a scam. A lesser known crypto could be the next big thing.

The Blockchain Industry: Exploring the Phenomenon of Memes and Tokens

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the digital world, and the emergence of meme coins and tokens has taken the industry by storm. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of the blockchain industry, exploring the viral success and explosive price action of Tetris token, the highly anticipated Wall Street Memes (WSM) presale, and the community-driven growth behind these projects.

Tetris Token: Multi-Million Volume Fuels Explosive Price Action

In the latest decentralized exchange (DEX) moon-shot, Tetris token has skyrocketed an astonishing +300,000% just hours after its launch. Named after the iconic retro game, Tetris token has captured the imagination of traders, who are eager to ride this sensational meme coin.

Tetris token is currently trading at $0.003552, with a staggering 24-hour change of +13,259%. The token made a stunning market entrance, experiencing a jaw-dropping +250,000% surge within the first three hours of its launch. With a massive influx of multi-million trading volume from DEX markets, the price action reached an all-time high at $0.043.

However, as volatility is inherent in any market, Tetris token has undergone a dramatic retracement. Within just 16 hours, many top buyers have experienced a significant -92% loss. This has led some traders to allege the project as a classic pump-and-dump scam. Despite this downside move, DEX traders remain undeterred, promptly rotating their gains into new meme coins with promising upside potential.

Meet Wall Street Memes: As $WSM Presale Races Towards $20m

Born from the Occupy Wall Street culture and inspired by the NFT success of investor forum, Wall Street Bets, Wall Street Memes aims to redefine our perception of digital value. With a strong following of over one million supporters, this meme coin is poised to become one of the most anticipated launches since Pepecoin ($PEPE).

What sets Wall Street Memes apart is its democratic price point at just $0.0328. The ongoing presale has achieved remarkable success, raising nearly $20 million, with the seed funding currently at $18.1 million. The increasing pace of the presale suggests that investors stand to unlock lucrative gains, especially with the built-in +30% bonus for presale investors during the initial listing.

$WSM Builds Off Community Success to Unlock +1m in Follower Growth

Wall Street Memes upholds the anti-bank philosophy by allocating 30% of the token supply to community rewards and 20% towards liquidity. The remaining 50% is available for purchase in the presale, emphasizing the project’s commitment to democracy.

This unique allocation approach has fueled explosive growth across social media platforms, with the Wall Street Memes community now exceeding one million followers. The substantial community growth further incentivizes major centralized exchange (CEX) listings, such as Gate.Io, which could propel the $WSM token on an incredible moon-shot.

Building on the success of the Wall Street Bets NFT collection, Wall Street Memes continues to thrive off the original moment in history when it exploded onto the scene. Investors are captivated by the possibility of securing a slice of the next skyrocketing meme token.


The blockchain industry has witnessed the meteoric rise of meme coins and tokens, captivating both traders and investors. Projects like Tetris token and Wall Street Memes have captured the imagination with their explosive price action and community-driven growth.

It is crucial to approach this speculative space with caution, as cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets. This article has provided valuable insights into the fascinating world of meme coins and tokens. Now, it is up to individuals to decide whether they want to participate in this rapidly evolving realm of the blockchain industry.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.