TON adds messaging encryption feature to its blockchain.

The TON Foundation has launched end-to-end messaging encryption features on its blockchain. With the added feature, network users can send private messages to one another without any third parties getting access to the information. The launch was announced on July 3 by the TON Foundation, the team currently developing the network.

Originally, TON was created by the Telegram team as an Open network called Telegram Open Network (TON). However, in 2020, Telegram halted the project due to issues with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission .

The source code became freely available to other developers after Telegram’s withdrawal. By 2021, the TON community had grown to around 30,000 users, and the network began using TON Crystals (also known as TON) to reward contributors to the network.

After Telegram ’s departure, TON Labs became the primary developer of the Network. They have continued to work on the project, focusing on improving scalability, transaction throughput, and decentralization to give them an advantage over other Web3 projects.

Introducing End-to-End Encryption to Strengthen Privacy on TON

Beyond the network’s initial features, the newly introduced feature ensures that messages are sent in the most protected manner and are only available to the intended recipients.

When conducting transactions on the TON blockchain, users can include text messages and expect their information to be secure. End-to-end encryption ensures that the messages are not accessible to anyone else, including the developer or the government.

In a press release, the TON Foundation stated that:

“In The Open Network, when sending Toncoin, Jettons, or NFT, you have always been able to include an arbitrary text comment for the recipient. For example,”For coffee” or “Gift! Happy Birthday!”…. With the new update, you can now encrypt text when sending messages with transactions. This feature uses end-to-end encryption, so that only the sender and the recipient can view the message.”

The developers believe that TON’s secure messaging solution could be a reliable communication option in case of a problem affecting traditional communication methods. This indicates that the network is ready to seize any opportune moments that could provide the desired exposure.

It still costs as little as 0.006 TON to transact on the network, and wallets like MyTonWallet and OpenMask already support it. It will also be added to TON mobile and Tonkeeper wallets through future app updates.

Many blockchain solutions are new and are still going through different forms of innovation. The addition of end-to-end encryption to the TON network is a good addition to the blockchain ecosystem, and its network could be a useful option when there is a need for secure messaging functionalities for transactions.