Torrevieja Aims to Become the First Crypto-Friendly City in Europe 💃🏖️🚀

The Spanish city of Torrevieja will enable customers to make purchases and use services with cryptocurrencies and other crypto assets.

Is Torrevieja set to be Europe’s first crypto-friendly city?

Imagine walking through the sun-soaked streets of Torrevieja, Spain, with a big smile on your face and a pocketful of cryptocurrencies. Well, this dream may soon become a reality as Torrevieja sets its sights on becoming “the first crypto-friendly city in Europe.” 🌍💰

A Digitization Project 📲

On February 6, the Torrevieja administration announced its ambitious digital transformation project. This exciting initiative is a collaboration between the Department of Commerce of Torrevieja City Council and the Association of Small and Medium Merchants of Torrevieja. Together, they plan to revolutionize the city’s commerce using blockchain technology.👨‍💼👩‍💼🔗

Phase One: Let the Crypto Coins Roll! 🚀💃

The first phase of Torrevieja’s transformation will focus on promoting commerce through the use of cryptocurrencies. This means you’ll be able to spend your hard-earned digital assets on local products and services. From sipping sangria at a beachside cafe to picking up a flamenco dress from a boutique store, Torrevieja aims to make crypto transactions the new norm. 🍹💃💰

But wait, there’s more! The project also aims to incorporate “other crypto assets.” This cryptic term implies that even more digital goodies could be added to the mix. Exciting, isn’t it? Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to pay for your paella with a non-fungible token (NFT) of a famous Spanish painting in the near future! 🎨🥘🤯

Phase Two: Natural Spaces and Technological Jobs 🏞️👩‍💻

In the next phases of the project, the focus will shift towards recovering “natural spaces” in the city and promoting job creation in the technology sector. Torrevieja wants to nurture a thriving digital ecosystem where blockchain companies and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can flourish. It’s like creating an oasis for techies and adventurous investors, where the language of the future is spoken and the possibilities are endless. 🌴💻💰

🤔❓Q&A: What Might Readers Want to Know?

Q: Is it legal to pay with cryptocurrencies in Spain? 🇪🇸💸

A: Yes, it is legal to pay with cryptocurrencies in Spain since 2015. However, they do not hold legal tender status. Torrevieja’s initiative aims to further promote the use of cryptocurrencies and democratize digital payments.

Q: How open is Spain to the crypto industry? 🌍🔓

A: Despite cryptocurrencies not having legal tender status, Spain is relatively open to the crypto industry. The number of registered crypto companies in Spain grew by roughly 56% in 2023, making it the fourth-ranked country globally for Bitcoin ATMs.

Q: What about taxes? Do I need to declare my crypto holdings in Spain? 💰💡

A: Yes, the Spanish government is closely monitoring crypto holdings for tax purposes. Even residents holding crypto assets on non-Spanish platforms need to declare them by March 31st following new taxation laws.

A Glimpse into the Future 🔮✨

As Torrevieja sets sail on its crypto-friendly journey, we can’t help but wonder about the future. Could this be the beginnings of a new global crypto hub? Will other cities follow in Torrevieja’s sandy footsteps? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – this pioneering Spanish city is paving the way for a future where digital currencies and blockchain technology thrive. 🚀🌍💎

So, pack your bags, charge your crypto wallets, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Torrevieja, the first crypto-friendly city in Europe, is calling your name. 🌞📱❤️

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Image source: Unsplash